Temples & Tofu

IMG_7516_smallJapan beckons with blossom filled arms. Kyoto in the Spring.


10 days of temples, and food. Sometimes combined! Kyoto’s specialties of tofu and kaiseki – a multiple course delight of local, seasonal produce in a formal style – plus tea, sake and craft beers. Along the way, old ramen favourites, new, never-to-be-repeated experiences (I now know giant sea snails are not for me), and not enough sushi by a long chalk.

10 days = 30 meals. It’s just not enough! But we persevered and managed to cram in a few more….

But first – gratuitous photos of cherry blossom.??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Blossom was everywhere – unexpectedly so, since we’d been told it had been unseasonably cold, and the blossom wasn’t opening on time. The sheer number of flowering cherries in Kyoto is staggering! The flowers carpeted the streets, danced in the breeze and decorated vases everywhere. It was for sale, salted as a garnish, in the market. Streets and parks alike were ablaze, and filled with selfie hunters. Photographers lined up in Gion to immortalise their womenfolk, haloed in petals. Weddings spilled out into public spaces.???????????????????????????????IMG_7592

And we walked and walked, and ate and ate.


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