Radelaide Market

I mentioned to someone that I was was spending a weekend in Adelaide, and there were two comments, bound up in one utterance: Radelaide! Go the food market! No idea whether the rad jibe was meant well, or sarcastically, but evidence is that hipster has well and truly arrived, at least in the field of food artisan types. Plenty of restaurants requiring detailed ‘research’ – which we’ll sadly have to defer to future visits, as this was a short trip with a pre defined agenda. But we managed a couple of outings to that market.

If you love cheese and smallgoods, Adelaide Central Market is the place for you. Literally a smorgasbord of utterly fantastic cheeses over many stalls, from ‘Smelly Cheese’, to ‘Say Cheese’, via the exclusive looking Lucias, from where we also picked up an awesome prosciutto:???????????????????????????????and some smoked paprika – I’m a complete sucker for those kitsch tins. We admired the fridgefulls of smallgoods, including salumi from the guys I’ve been trying to source from Sydney since quattro formagio inexplicably stopped stocking it.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

The Smelly Cheese Store almost wrest tears of longing from me and made me seriously consider moving to Adelaide. I fondly imagined choosing 2 or 3 artisan cheeses a week to linger over; working my way through the entire, gigantic stock in a lactophillic orgy drawn out over the course of the months, until I was able to begin again at the gloriously cheesy beginning.??????????????????????????????? It’s hard to chose a favourite from the mere half dozen or so I tried in a short space of time – they’re happy to let you try before you buy, always a plus when you’re looking at a $75 per kilo cheese, believe me – but this was simply amazing:


There were 2 Reypenaer cheeses available, but this, the 36 month xo was a stunner. Caramel sweetness with calcium crunch, it immedietely reminded me of Valrohna Dulcey chocolate. Which I found weird, until I realised that it’s essentially just another milk based product, so why not?

We filled our boots with more food than we could possibly get through in a couple of days and filed the rest under ‘must get back to Adelaide asap!’