Fabulous Fish – Nishiki Style

???????????????????????????????It’s not hard to see that Japan is a country that relies heavily on seafood. On our trips to Japan this has been readily apparent – not just in the sashimi either (though in the end we ate less of that than we do on a typical week in Australia).

Nowhere was this so obvious as at Nishiki Market in Kyoto. Whilst not specifically a fish market, quite a few stalls were dedicated to seafood in one form or another. Seafood is very, very popular! Read More….


Nishiki Market, Kyoto

nishikiflagI love a market. Especially a food market. When visiting another country, it’s a great way to get a handle on the local cuisine; visiting the place where everyone buys their everyday foods. Chatting to the stall holders, checking out the purchasers. Sometimes though, when on holiday, it can be a slight source of disappointment if with a particularly good market, you can’t try much, having no facilities to cook the lovely stuff you see.

Nishiki Market gets around this by selling cooked food as well as raw, and by being terribly generous with it’s free samples. Many stalls had Read More

Temples & Tofu

IMG_7516_smallJapan beckons with blossom filled arms. Kyoto in the Spring.

10 days of temples, and food. Sometimes combined! Kyoto’s specialties of tofu and kaiseki – a multiple course delight of local, seasonal produce in a formal style – plus tea, sake and craft beers. Along the way, old ramen favourites, new, never-to-be-repeated experiences (I now know giant sea snails are not for me), and not enough sushi by a long chalk. Read more…