Look at the size of that!


IMG_2931_aubAfter saying only a couple of weeks ago how teeny my aubergines were, all the recent rain has made them balloon!

This one was lovely and crisp and almost seedless, so I could have maybe leave them a little longer to put on weight.


Garden of Foodie…Eden?

Since coming over from the UK 5 or so years ago, I’ve tried to grow veggies and herbs in pots in the various rental properties we’ve had. Never really had a lot of success; the climate is so much more fierce here in a lot of ways. OK; so it’s cold and wet a lot in the UK, but then you don’t try to grow much veg in the winter, and in the summer lots of rain can be a benefit rather than a hindrance. Here, pots dry out very quickly, and I would water them when I remembered or I could see they were stressed, then they’d dry out again of course – sometimes in the course of the same day! I think there’s something about the cycle of very dry to quite wet, to very dry again that plants find it hard to cope with.

So I was really looking forward to having my own garden; and when at last we found the right home on the Central Coast, I started making plans almost immediately. The garden was a little unloved – the house had been empty a while and the agents had kept the lawn down, but no-one had cared for the beds for a while. There were little old lady favourites – long lasting bulbs, geraniums and the like. Continue reading