Fat Geese, and mincemeat

Christmas is coming; the goose is getting fat. Whilst I love a holiday as much as the next ex pat, I’ve found it a tad more tricky to get into the spirit since moving to Oz. It’s the heat. Christmas is the highlight of Winter. Christmas and Summer are not a natural fit to my northern hemisphere brain.

Part of the joys of Christmas for me are the rituals, and the slow build of anticipation as the end of December approaches. There’s the change of the seasons, the first nip of frost, the smell of pine trees, the smoke from the log fires, you get the picture. The food rituals are equally important of course; preparing for the descent of the entire family needs a bit of aforethought.

This year we have friends from the home country visiting, so I’m pushing out the boat a bit, and the start of this is the Making of Mincemeat. Continue reading