Gadzooks! Not another bloody food blog!

I know, right? There are just so many out there. Enough already. Why on earth would you want to read another?? Well, other than my slightly obsessive love of food, obviously I like to think I have a uniquely surreal take on the world, and it’s time to inflict it on everyone else. Plus, well, the desire to record recipes is my mum’s fault. Not because she did, but more because she didn’t. Her idea of cooking advice is cook it ‘until it’s done’ add ‘just enough’ of a particular ingredient, and all other requests for elucidation were met with an exasperated and unhelpful ‘oh I don’t know! Get out of my kitchen!’

Consequently: I research. Extensively. Everything. In my culinary travels, I often find something isn’t quite what I want…and so I tinker and experiment. And record. All my cook books are heavily notated. I’m all for invention in food, for not following the crowd. Fish fingers in custard? Why not! Snail porridge? Yes please! (just maybe not twice!). But I also want to see old knowledge and skills reinvigorated – the rise of artisan food, popularity of farmers markets and – well – food blogs shows me I’m not alone. I want to add to that repository and also to encourage people to try – new food, new techniques, new experiences.

Here’s a bit about me. My why’s, and wherefore’s. I’m a Brit, living in Australia, having moved here with Mr Chopsticks, 5 or so years back. We started off in the Inner West of Sydney; funky, out there, approachable – and wall to wall fantastic food. After years of paying outlandish rents, we decided it was time to up sticks, move to the sticks, and buy our own place – in the more affordable Central Coast.

It’s a bit of a culinary wilderness out here so far. Decent restaurants are few and far between. But they’re out there, and I plan to visit them all…as often as possible! There are a few farmer’s markets about, though not in our chosen townlet – yet.  Buying our food locally, as much as possible from local farmers, supporting local businesses, I believe encourages artisan foodies and crafties to sell their wares – and that’s what’s really needed in this much maligned corner of NSW. There must be life outside Gloria Jeans, Subway, Maccas, Coles and Woolies!

Having a garden is a new adventure – I want to grow as many fruits and veggies as I can in our small urban space. I’m trying to be organic, eat and garden with as few added chemicals as possible. We’ll still be eating out in the vibrant foodie scene of Sydney occasionally, mind, Mr C and I – we do work there, after all. But this isn’t just a foodie blog, it’s a life blog. It’s about sustainability, being eco and healthy, walking the gorgeous National Parks of the coast, travelling this wonderful land (and drinking the wines!), and showing everyone back home how beautiful this area of the world really is.

So these will be my tales of Living, eating and growing In The Sticks – stick around!

Oh; and the name? I’m a left handed chopsticks wielder, always have been.