For the Love of Tofu


Tofu comes in a surprising number of forms. The humble soy bean has given rise to a huge number of products, from sauces, curds, milk, edamame and even natto – fermented soy beans, filling the social niche of cheese for the Eastern world. All evidence of an incredible resourceful product. Essentially, tofu is just coagulated soy milk.

As with my first experience of olives, many many years ago (those rubbery black things related to tyres that appeared on ’80s pizzas) the difference between poor tofu and quality product is profound. My only exposure to tofu, until I came to Australia, was soft, tasteless silken, usually unadorned. I hated it. The texture, the stony blandness, the intimation that the damn stuff was in some way ‘doing you good’ – meat free protein virtuosity. Read more…