Brisbane Water Sunset

The Central Coast is, admittedly, a little short on small bars. All the rage in the City, the sticks are, as always, a bit slow to catch up.

As we travel about the Coast, we’re forever saying to each other – ‘wow! this would be a great spot for a lovely little bar, some tables, few tapas, what a view!’. Sadly, there’s only two that we know of on the water and they’re a) restauarants and b) a bit of a drive away.

Not to be defeated, every now and then we do our own thing; set up on a bit of public land with a fantastic view, and settle down to watch the sunset with a glass of wine or a beer. Not in a hobbo sort of way, you understand; obviously we have glasses, picnic blankets and tableware. And snacks. There are standards.

Last weekend we picked a spot, settled down with our latest favourite ale, and some fine mature cheddar. And gherkins, obviously. As we sat, legs dangling over the pier, we were visited by a small ray, and a married couple. Of ducks. Which pecked my bare toes. The sun set. It was warm. Small things, which made me very happy.




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