Sydney Breakfast

One of my favourite things about the Sydney cafe culture is it’s ability to introduce just about anything into the breakfast slot and pass it off as a straight forward breakfast item. Being a lass brought up on plain toast and ready brek, it’s been a delight to break out into breakfast burritos (ie normal burritos, perhaps with the addition of egg), breakfast tagine (such as that at Kasbah, Balmain), and more recently, breakfast sliders (bacon and peanut butter ‘The Elvis’ at The Baron being a particular favourite).

But for pure simplicity, you’d have to go a long way to beat avocado on sourdough toast. When I saw this on the menu in Erskineville, Inner West, years back, my first thought was – to paraphrase Johnny Vegas – “avocado? and bread?”. Yack. Eventually however, I caved, and tried it. Amazingly, something magical happens twixt the two humble ingredients, the one squished lumpily onto the other, and unlikely though it seems, a delightful breakfast item pops out the other end.

Method: Take one ripe avocado, squash it against freshly toasted sourdough (I’m particularly keen on Sonoma’s Wholewheat Miche at the moment), liberally sprinkle with salt and pepper, add a grating or two of dried lemon peel. Devour noisily.



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