Life of Camembert


I’m eating a cheese I made myself, and it’s terrific. I’m not really one to blow my own trumpet, but hot damn! this is a good cheese! No-one could be more surprised than I at this news. I expected edible, but this – this is bloody marvellous! Was it worth the 10 days of 12 hourly sterilising / turning / refreshing-iceblocks-to-maintain-correct-temperature? The startling number of dollars invested in kit that I’m trying quite hard not to think about? Oh very much so, yes!

And so, after 20 days of tender loving care, we reveal the finished Camembert, born in my cheese making class less than 3 weeks ago.

IMG_3238I was particularly surprised at the thickness of the mould; how soft and downy it was. I normally hate the fluffy bits, cutting them off and discarding them, forlorn at the edge of my plate. But this mould was….different. Not off tasting. It tasted of… not much, actually. This is good as far as I’m concerned. It left me able to concentrate on the main event – the cheese itself.


It’s creamy, of course, but yet with an edge of bitterness that, for me at least, is the difference between a brie and a camembert. There’s a layer of super soft, silky cheese just under the fluffy rind – to call it rind doesn’t do it justice – and a harder inner with a bit more bite. To be honest, it could do with ripening for another week or so – it’s only 20 days old, poor thing – but we were overwhelmed with excitement and just couldna take nae more.

Would I do it all again? Hell yeah!


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