Whey to Go….

The cheese puns continue apace. It’s been a week since the cheesemaking course, and I thought I’d update you budding cheese makers with the baby camembert’s progress.

So: the day after the course, it was time to remove the hoops from my very  own camembert, which had been draining quietly for 24 hours.

After my extensive training in sterlising everything (thank you Juan and John), I was well prepared to scrub up, exclude the cat from the kitchen and Reveal the Cheese.

camembert first day

And there is it. Mould-less proto-Camembert, awaiting it’s ripening. I salted it as per the instructions:


There was even an email from the lovely peeps at Home Cheesemaking Co reminding me it was time to start ripening the cheese, with pictures and everything. I love these chaps.


The biggest problem I had was working out where I could store it at the right temperature to ripen – it needed to be between 12 & 15 degrees. Way too warm for the fridge, way too cool for the house. Being a bit OCD I wondered around the house with one of those meat probes with a digital read out, trying to find the perfect spot. Hard to find in NSW in the autumn! In the end I decided to buy an esky and keep it at the right temperature with ice blocks. So every 12 hours, I’ve been changing the ice blocks over, and the meat probe has been invaluable in telling me exactly what climes the chese is experiencing. Excessive? Err, yes, probably, but it’s for the love of the thing….

On day 6, Mould Appeared:

mould appearedI can safely say I’ve never been more happy to see mould!

I’ll update this as the cheese grows it’s full furry coat!


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