The easiest pickle in the world*

Previously I posted about my roasted aubergines, and before that, I shared a recipe about using raw aubergines. Now, I don’t want to seem obsessed with the things, but I am having a garden bonanza type glut and I’m bottling them like crazy to enjoy after the season finishes. The resulting glossy, olive oil-y pickle looks so pretty I had to share!

First take your cooked aubergine, in my case roasted on the BBQ until blackened. Scrap the insides out and discard the skins:


Admittedly not the prettiest at this stage! While they are roasting or oven cooking, sterilise a clean jam jar by ‘cooking’ on medium hot for 10 minutes in the oven. While they are still very hot (maybe leave it a couple of minutes out of the oven, so it’s the same temp as the hot food you’re putting into it) carefully add your aubergine pulp. You can also add fresh or dried herbs at this stage, maybe some chillies. Pack down to exclude as much air as possible. Mix olive oil with vinegar – red wine, white wine, cider vinegars, whatever you have available – around 1/3 vinegar to 2/3 oil. Season with salt and pepper, and pour over the packed aubergine, making sure to wiggle the contents to exclude all air pockets. Leave a good layer of the oil mix covering the top layer so nothing is uncovered:


Pour boiling water over the lid for a minute – a kettle full should do – and then screw onto your still hot jar.

Simple and delicious! And I promise I won’t post any more on aubergines this season*!



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