Ryo’s, Crow’s Nest

IMG-20130321-00820One day last week we headed out for noodles as a special treat for lunch. I love a bowl of ramen, but it is a pretty solid hit of wheat, so I try not to overindulge. Every now and then though, it is A Noodle Day. This time we went that little bit out of our way, and revisited Ryo’s, in Crow’s Nest.

There’s something a bit special about pushing your way through those decorated curtains (Noren), advertising the delights within. I also love it when I’m about the only Euro in a café of full of devotees of a particular cuisine. Makes me think I’m in on a local secret. Although it’s not my first visit to Ryo’s, I haven’t been for a while, and it was good to soak in the atmosphere of this little café afresh.

ryos crop

I chose the Pork Soup No2, Ramen in soy sauce flavoured soup, with roast pork, nori, egg and shallots. The all important broth was rich, salty and thick, though a little oilier than I would have preferred. It was utterly delicious, though not the low saturated fat health food I’m meant to be eating these days! I could taste a good, plain, pork bones base and a good salt flavour. The nori comes standing proud from the soup, half lining the inside of the bowl. Some of the toppings were still a little cold, but the super hot soup warmed them through eventually.


Even knowing my bowl was going to be huge, I still ordered a pork bun special as a side, just to try. I love a pork bun; squidging the sweetish white soft dough happily in my paws. But I do find the fillings of the Chinese versions too sugary and shiny. Ryo’s version was refreshingly undyed (no gloopy red stuff) and actually tasted of delicately spiced pork. Lovely.


Another in our group asked for the special – not on the menu, this was a slightly spicier version of the same pork bones stock, with extra egg and pork slices.


Being a chap of appetite, he also ordered the extra noodles – approx $3. No idea how he does it – after half of mine I had to be rolled from the premises, burping contentedly. 

Address: 125 Falcon St, North Sydney NSW 2060

Phone:(02) 9955 0225


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