Toad in the Hole

These GF bratwurst appeared in my local Woolies recently – and as I’d been to Bavarian Beer Café the night before, all things Germanic were foremost in my mind. So naturally I immediately thought of Toad in the Hole. Well, actually, I thought of beer first, but toad in the hole a close second.

We’re not natural sausage eaters, Mr Chopsticks and I. It’s the whole lips ‘n’ hoof and fat thing. And all that salt to cover the horridness of it all.  Plus – Australians! What’s with the beef sausages?? Basic sausages are meant to be pork. Fancy sausages are allowed to be chicken, lamb or perhaps venison, contain herbs and other fripparies, but yer banger? Pork. Anyhow, I digress. We like to think our diet is pretty junk free (yes, sausages usually qualify as junk) so sausage just don’t feature much. Consequently I haven’t cooked toad in the hole in about 20 years – maybe I was feeling nostalgic (frankly probably just hungover). Anyway, dear reader, I bought those bratwurst, and here they are.

I’m not going to include the recipe I used – basically it was from Jamie Oliver’s Happy Days with the Naked Chef – because to be honest, it’s pancake batter and sausage. He uses rosemary too, so, being as I was clearly in unadventurous mode, so did I. That’s about it. What I did do was stick the oven on hotter than hades (250 C) and heat the tray and the oil first. This seemed to do the trick. Gotta say though Jamie, I think 1cm of oil in the tray is a tad overkill. Next time I’ll use much less.

Eat with abandon. And beer.


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